11 enero 2012

Recipe tacos mashed potatoes easy / Receta tacos de pure de papa

To make this more easy and quickly i bought my mashed potatoes in the supermarket and this is ready to eat because the mashed potatoes isnt my best plate to do always change the taste or consistency. 
If you know how to prepare and the result is ok for you go and made.

You need:
mashed potatoes 
1 kilo tortillas preferible Hot
Stick to hold the tortilla roll  

Take a tortilla in a plate and spread the mashed potatoes a little quantity is good.
Then Roll the tortilla and secure with a stick.
Important Note: The tortilla need to be hot because in cold state is going to break.

Then with 500 gr result 20 tacos and in my case my husband likes fry only fry with oil i know this to much celluties but if you prefer can be without fry. I bought my mashed potatoes from Soriana hyper.

I hope this recipe help you if you live outside from Mexico Country this a easy way to eat tacos the thing is get the tortillas and the rest is easy.

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