30 agosto 2011

Celebrando a España y sus productos evento de HEB Fantastico!

White horse wow!

Lovely dress Flamenco and flower hair style.

more show ..

Me and a lovely flamenca dancer...

Flamenco dancers

more flamenco dancers Nice girls!

more flamenco dancers...

several performances flamenco dancers...
When we arrive..

a general view

d e l i c i o u s

This hairstyle catch my attention

A hairstyle from a nice women 

Crowd view
Crowd view

Nice people a simple hair style in a hot day

Chipinque mountain view

White wine in a plastic vase red 
a general view of stage
A gift from the sponsors

Wine red in a plastic vase

Crowd looking for a appetizer

Crowd looking for a appetizer

More dancers...

More flamenco dance...

Flamenco dancers...

Flamenco dancers...

A painter working while a dancers show!

Lovely horse show!

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